Welcome to the Golden Eagle Cabinet Shop log

July 22, 2013

Hi everybody, I’m Elijah Tabor, a cabinetmaker specializing in furniture restoration.  Check out goldeneaglerestoration.com for a sense of what I do, the unique approach I have to the art, and photos of several restorations.  It’s all about heart, uncompromising quality, and integrity.  It’s about keeping faith with the craftsmen who made the heirlooms we enjoy and value today, and the ones who passed them on to us.

elijah - blog

I’m about to embark on the restoration of an 1880s Eastlake rocking chair.  It’s been in the same family for at least a few generations, and definitely needs help to regain its former glory.  Stay tuned for updates as the restoration unfolds.

I also have a high regard for and love of old tools, (as many of us do) and use them daily.  I may feature them from time to time.

In the future, there may be tours of this fascinating shop I’m so blessed to work in, or stories from my 40 plus years in the trade – maybe even a glimpse of our historic homestead.

Thanks for tuning in!