No Longer a Pile of Loose Pieces

September 04, 2013

Today I took the last steps to make sure that all the repaired and prepared pieces fit together well.

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Notes On Restoring The 1880s Gingerbread Rocking Chair

August 10, 2013

At first the chair seemed solid.  But there was some flex…then I noticed the nail heads…then the splits/cracks in the seat at the joints.  Okay, it had to come apart.  The owner said yes, do it really right.

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Restoration Of 1880s Maple Rocking Chair w/ Caned Seat & Back

July 31, 2013

This is a classic exuberant 1880’s mid-Victorian Eastlake  rocking chair.  Design wise, it was not a subdued age, but don’t confuse that with poor quality.  This chair was made of solid hard maple throughout.  Not just any maple, but obviously carefully selected quilted/tiger stripe/birds eye maple for the back uprights.  Beautiful.  The “gingerbread” — extra spool turnings here, there, all over — weren’t just for show, but tended to strengthen the chair.  It was made to use, and last, a long time.  And it did, already now well into its 2nd century.

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