The Mystery Corner Cupboard – Chapter 8

April 12, 2015

Soon I began repairs to the doors. The glass appeared to be original – amazing. Much glazing was missing, but I restored it. With other minor repairs, the doors were strong and ready for finish restoration.

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The Mystery Corner Cupboard – Chapter 7

March 01, 2015

Now that the lower case was structurally sound, it was time to restore the doors. The two mortise and tenon door frames were made of solid (heavy and hard) Santo Domingo mahogany – the best. Still, their faces were veneered,some of which was loose.  This I reglued while also making a survey of loose areas of veneer in the panels.

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The Mystery Corner Cupboard – Chapter 6

January 20, 2015

The thick, loose mahogany veneer on the lower front and right side was next.  It was an extra challenge because there was some thick, dried Elmer’s Glue-All under the veneer that had to be removed first. I got the wrong glue out, got the right glue in, clamped it flat, and it was good to go for the next generations.

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